Tuesday: Opening General Session

Note the new day for Opening Session ~ Tuesday afternoon!

Connect the Dots, Change the Game: Creating California’s Water Future Through a Systems Approach

For centuries, Western minds have prioritized the parts over the whole. In school, most of us were taught the best way to understand a subject was to analyze it or break it into parts. In this interactive session, acclaimed systems educator  Linda Booth Sweeney introduces another approach, inspired by the burgeoning field of systems science. Using this approach, we’ll view systems — rather than fragments — as the context for learning, collaboration and decision making.

Linda will be our guide as we:

EXPERIENCE what it means to take a systems approach
PRACTICE key shifts essential to applied systems thinking
APPLY systems tools to current water-related issues.

Systems thinking can benefit professionals at all levels:

Create better teams by breaking down traditional silos
Better understand, communicate, and manage complexity
Move to higher-level, strategic thinking with your team
Address the most persistent issues while diminishing unintended consequences and impacts
Achieve breakthrough thinking to better meet the needs of partners and constituents.

Watch the pre-conference warmup here:

Download slides of presentation here.

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